Advice On How To Become A Plumber


Most of us will only think of a plumber when toilets or sinks have become clogged and blocked up or perhaps when water has frozen inside our pipes in winter. However, the work related to plumbers is more that often challenging and complex than just fixing these issues. Steamfitters, pipefitters and plumbers repair and install pipelines for waste, gasses, steam, chemicals and water. This work is always carefully regulated and will require many years in training in order to perform in the correct manner. Below is the information involved on how to become a plumber.

What Do Plumbers Do

Plumbers take part in the Design Process of Plumbing. In constructions that are new, plumbers work alongside contractors and architects to create a blueprint for the plumbing system in order to meet up with all the correct building codes.

Plumbers that install piping into a new building or home follow the blueprints which show intended locations for plumbing fixtures and appliances. These installations necessitate cutting and bending pipes and affixing specific components using adhesives, soldering or fittings. In addition, plumbers make use of pressure gauges that confirm the functioning of particular systems.

When it comes to learning how to become a plumber, training programs incorporate education into technical subjects in order to go deeper into the application of the job skills. Some courses include architectural drafting, chemistry, applied physics or mathematics. Other training techniques in plumbing include material and tools that set the applicant up in learning all about how to become a plumber.

Click here for a really interesting facts about plumbers career. Below are some of the popular training academies for those students who would like to pursue a career in plumbing:

Everest Institute, Campus

  • Penn Foster, an online course
  • Vatterott College, Campus
  • New England Institute Of Technology, Campus
  • Vancouver Career College, Campus
  • The Steps Involved On Becoming A Qualified Plumber
  • Complete high-school
  • GED or diploma is required for applicants to gain entrance into apprenticeships programs in plumbing
  • Technical training must be taken in a union program or school

Once in a classroom setting, the future plumbers will learn all about equipment, installation, safety and pipe-system designs. Certain plumbers go onto participate in welding courses that are sometimes required for steamfitter or pipefitter apprenticeship programs.

Entering Apprenticeship Programs

Certain students will conduct classroom training for one week out of a month or night classes, while they work as an apprentice under a master during-the-day. The apprenticeship is regarded as the best possible method on learning exactly how to become a plumber. In order to become a plumbing apprentice, the student must be 18 years or older, have passed a specific math test, know about computers, have a valid diploma and pass the substance-abuse screening test.

Putting In The Time

Plumbing apprentices are required to finish between 1,700 and 2,000 hours in a year of on-the-job work. 246 hours of this time must include classroom training.

Completing A 4 Or 5 Year Apprenticeship

When a student is successfully enrolled into union training-plans, the apprentices will earn a pay and training is free. There are various employers who also provide such trading that is associated with the Bureau Of Labor Statistics. The apprentices are taught about building and safety codes and will study chemistry, physics and math, which they will complete with what is known as an associate degree.

Becoming Licensed

The requirements related to becoming licensed will vary from one state to another. But in order to obtain such a license in order to work ìindependentlyî, the apprentice is required to pass examinations that will assess their knowledge of the local codes. Once they are able to pass such an examination and obtain a license, the plumber becomes what is known as a ìjourney plumber.î Certain states ask that pipefitters are also licensed as well as any person who works on the gas lines will require a specialized license.

Earning Master Plumber Status

In order to become what is known as a ìmaster plumberî, the journey plumber will need to acquire a certain number in years in relation to experience as well as take a number of additional courses. In a few states, the master plumbers will be required to obtain contractorís licenses.

Staying Up To Date With Current Practices And Codes

As any new types of plumbing regulations take effect, it becomes vital that plumbers receive additional training like backflow prevention or medical uses. The large part of a plumbing career is participating in continuous education related to new regulations, practices and techniques.

Obtaining Additional Certifications

A master plumber has the ability to stand out from the rest when they have obtained specialized skills like water-saving and energy efficiency technologies. Some professional associations provide certifications that include specified areas in expertise, like plumbing installations that are ìenvironmentally friendly.

Learn Business And Supervisory Skills

Master plumbers that are interested in growing their businesses should hire qualified plumbers and then learn about bidding on larger jobs. They should also learn the process of finding new clients, then servicing these clients and developing good reputations that will result in more work.

Advice On Becoming A Great Plumber

Similar to just about any type of skilled trade, pipefitting and plumbing takes many years of practice along with experience in order to master. The job markets today for the apprentice plumber is far more popular today as many apprentices are actively recruited from baby-boomer generations that are beginning to retire.

The Advantages Related To The Apprenticeship System For Plumbers

The apprenticeship program for plumbers is the place that an apprentice will learn this trade. This system allows the plumber to learn the right way to do things in relation to the building codes along with the methods used to protect the safety as well as the health of people. In addition, when working under the experienced guidance that comes from a ìmaster plumberî, the apprentice can earn while they are learning. The best part about the union programs is the ability to graduate with college credits and have no debt.

Tips On How To Remove Paint From Windows


Paint is regarded as a difficult substance to remove from just about any surface, glass or windows are no exception. This is especially true once the paint has dried onto a surface and it cannot be taken off with just a bit of water and a rag. In the cases of graffiti that is spray painted onto glass, the job to remove this paint is extremely difficult. In addition, regular types of paint remover will not work on paint that has dried.

Below is a common technique on how to remove paint from windows:

Materials Needed:

  • Cleaning pad
  • Cloth
  • Bucket
  • Dish-washing liquid
  • Hand-held razor blade ( the safety type)

The Technique:

Combine a bit of dish-washing liquid and warm water in a bucket and mix the soap until the water becomes sudsy.

The next step involves soaking a cleaning-pad in this solution.

Use this cleaning pad to thoroughly scrub the window in order to remove grime, grease, dust and dirt off the surface. Follow by rinsing the window with clean water.

The window should now be wet again using the soapy solution.

Now the hand-held razor blade can be placed at a 45 degree angle, and the paint can be gently and very carefully scraped away. The soapy solution on the glass prevents the blade from causing scratch marks to the glass.

The window can be wiped clean using a soft a dry rag.
Now a check can be done for any remaining paint. If paint remains step 5 and 6 until the paint is completely removed.
How to Remove Paint from Windows Easily
Many people often donít take the necessary time to place tape on their windows before conducting a painting job on the sash and muntins. However, many will agree that it is quick and easy to remove paint from windows using a wallpaper shaver or glass scraper once the paint is completely dry.
Below are the items needed to remove paint that has dried onto a glass surface along with a few handy tips that should be considered when removing paint off a window pane.

Sometimes professional or amateur painters can become a bit sloppy when painting the lower and upper sash as well as muntins on window panes. This is usually not a major concern, as removing paint from glass that is around a muntin is very easy.

  • Items Required For Removing Paint Off Glass Surfaces
  • Utility knife
  • Canvas drop-cloth
  • Paper towels or a clean cloth or newspaper
  • Wallpaper shaver or glass scraper
  • Soft and clean cotton cloth
  • Dish soap
  • Spray bottle
  • Window cleaner
  • Step One
  • Place the drop cloth around the area where the work will commence.

Step Two

Place warm water and a tablespoon of dish soap into a bucket or sink and stir around. The water should not be too bubbly as the slippery dish water is what is needed and not the bubbles. Any dish soap will do when it comes to a job such as this one.

Step Three

Either fill up a spray bottle or use the cloth to dip into the soapy mixture. Now apply this solution liberally onto the glass surfaces.

Step Four

Now score the window panes perimeter using a utility knife utilizing extremely light pressure. The pressure is important in order to avoid scratching the glass surface. This step is highly suggested as the paint will come off in a clean and straight line without jagged edges from pulling paint off glass.

Step Five

Now use the wallpaper shaver or the glass scraper at a 30 to 45 degree angle to once again avoid the risks related to scratching the surface. Use the scraper to ensure all traces of the paint have been removed from the glass, the edge of the scraper must be kept clean in order to avoid any scratches from occurring.

Step Six

Now the trim or the woodwork along with the window should be dried using the soft cotton cloth.

Step Seven

The last step involves using a good window cleaner with either a cloth, paper towel or newspaper. Newspaper is great for removing any lint off glass surfaces and will leave windows streak free.
It is recommended to use a wallpaper shaver such as a Hyde brand opposed to glass scrapers. These work in close relation to glass scrapers and some people find them better due to the absence of the razor-sharp edge on the glass scraper brands. This lessens the chances in scratching the glass and is rather advantageous in these applications.

Non Toxic Methods To Remove Paint From Windows

There are ways to remove paint from surfaces such as glass, windows and mirrors without damaging the glass and using non-toxic methods. Below is a list of the items needed along with the methods used to remove dried paint from a window.

  • Items Needed
  • Materials
  • Water
  • White vinegar
  • Equipment
  • Saucepan ( an old one preferably)
  • Rag
  • The Method

Combine three tablespoons of water and three tablespoons of white vinegar in a saucepan and bring to the boil.

Now dip a rag into this hot mixture taking great caution not to scald or burn yourself.

The rag should be rubbed gently over the areas of the glass that have paint in a slow and circular motion. The heat will begin to loosen the paint, now you are able to scrub a bit harder as the paint becomes looser.

In most cases this method will remove paint in a few minutes, however, for stubborn paint that has really set in, a razor blade can be used to scrape off any stubborn paint once the paint is a bit looser from the boiled vinegar and water mix. When using a razor blade on a glass surface the surface must always be wet in order to avoid scratching the surface. In addition, very light pressure should be used. It is always best to try to loosen the paint before resorting to using a scraper or a razor blade to avoid scratches to the glass.

A Basic Plumber Tools List For New Homeowners by Aliona


Don’t let that title fool you; stocking the basic necessities to take care of minor plumbing repairs is important for renters as well as first-time homeowners. If you’ve recently started living on your own, gathering the equipment to handle your own plumbing issues is a great idea. This basic, no-nonsense plumber tools list will get you well on the way to facing a broken fixture or an unexpected flood with confidence.
* The Absolute Basics *

Even if you never intend to get more involved in plumbing repairs than shutting off your water and calling in a professional, you’ll still find these tools invaluable. No plumber tools list is complete without them, and neither is any home.


This one should go without saying. Good for breaking up minor clogs in any drain besides clearing up toilets, a plunger is an absolute necessity. It’s a good idea to get one each for the kitchen and the bathroom so that you don’t actually have to use the same tool in toilets and food preparation areas. Don’t be taken in by modernistic plunger designs that are often built out of flimsy materials; the classic wood-and-rubber construction has been a standard for generations for a reason.

Locking Pliers

The single plumbing tool that winds up getting used in every repair. Locking pliers often go by the name of the most popular brand on the market: Channel Locks. You should consider one good set of these versatile pliers to be necessary; a second set is only slightly less so. Try to get a tight nut off a loose pipe in a cramped space and you’ll soon see the value of pliers when used in pairs: One set holds the workpiece steady while the second does the work of tightening or loosening. Pipes also tend to be located in cramped spaces where you need the added torque of a second wrench to get any usable work done.
* Commonly Used Tools *

This is where a plumber tools list really comes into its own and gives you the guidance that you really need as a first-time homeowner. The following items may not seem useful at first glance, but you’ll be amazed at how many plumbing jobs they play a role in.

Needle-Nosed Pliers

Handy for a range of tasks from retrieving hard to reach parts to securing a new plunger chain in your toilet, needle-nosed pliers are a terrific early investment. Invest in a quality set that will last a long time.

Adjustable Wrench

These tools aren’t as fast as locking pliers, but they’re more powerful. Once again, getting a pair of these is an excellent idea. You’ll find adjustable wrenches useful whenever you have to install or remove threaded fittings — of which there are an awful lot in your home.

Plumber’s Putty and Plumber’s Tape

Like any bit of do-it-yourself work, plumbing repairs often go easier with adhesives. Don’t try to power your way through with ordinary household glues and duct tape, though. Specifically-designed plumber’s tape and plumber’s putty are intended for use in wet areas, and they’re waterproof when used properly.


This is one that doesn’t seem basic, but you’d be surprised how soon you arrive at the point where you need to cut pipe when you start handling your own plumbing work. Get a decent model that has space for storing spare blades in the handle and a selection of different blades designed for sawing metal.

Metal Files

Once you’re cutting pipes to do your plumbing repairs, you’ll find out that a messy cut can slow down every subsequent task. A pair of decent files will solve this problem and allow you to remove the burrs that can make it hard to attach fittings. For plumbing, get a half-round file and a rat-tail file. Bigger and heavier files last longer, but bear in mind that you’ll want tools that you can fit inside your pipes for more convenient filing.

Basin Wrench

This tool isn’t as specialized as you might think. Designed for working on the hard-to-reach nuts on sink faucets that like to hide behind the basin, these wrenches have a flexible shank to make nuts more accessible. While you’ll obviously need this for any faucet replacements you need to do, it can come in handy on a lot of other jobs. Pay enough to get a wrench with a locking shank that will hold the most useful position while you work.
* Advanced Plumbing Tools *

These are the more rarely-used professional gadgets you can probably live without. In this part of the plumber tools list, you’ll find a justification for each one that will help you decide whether or not you’re going to need it in the near future.

Tubing Cutter

This specialized tool is shaped like a C-clamp and uses tough circular blades to chop through pipes with speed and precision. This little gizmo trumps your hacksaw when you’re performing serious piping work and need to make many cuts. Make sure you have one of these on hand when you know you’ll be installing lots of pipe.


Also known as plumber’s snakes, these clog-busters can be either motorized or hand-cranked. A basic handheld model makes a sound investment, especially if you’ve learned that the drains in your home tend to act up on a regular basis. Buying a larger freestanding model (usually called a closet auger) costs much more, and it may make more sense to attack your problem directly by replacing your most troublesome drains.

Propane Torch

If your home features copper plumbing, you’ll soon find out that a little torchwork is required to make significant repairs and ensure they’re watertight. A basic handheld torch is ample for most hope plumbing jobs and is easy to learn to use in just a few minutes. Make sure to pick up a fireproof drop cloth along with your torch; protecting your surroundings is a key part of using a torch on plumbing.

Compression Sleeve Puller

Compression angle stops are used on water feed lines with all kinds of home plumbing. Getting the angle stop off of these connections is an easy job with a pair of wrenches, but the compression sleeve and the back nut that secures it are different matters. The specially-designed compression sleeve puller will make this job simple; tackling it without one can be unbelievably frustrating.
Building up a decent arsenal of tools for plumbing work really isn’t difficult. Keep this list handy and refer back to it whenever you’re ready to add to your toolbox. You’ll have all the basic equipment you need for plumbing repairs handy before you know it!

Maid Services- Worth It Or Not Aliona Suggests


If you own property, then you might be interested in enlisting a maid service. If not, then you might be wondering are maid services- worth it? Before you hire a maid service, you will want to know what some of the benefits are, and then you can determine if they are worth using. With that said, you want to know are maid services- worth it, then check out some of the benefits below.

1. Keep Your Home Clean- The main benefit of using a maid service is because you will be able to keep your home clean, and more regularly. Depending on the company you hire and the services they offer, you can have everything from your bathtubs to toilets to counter-tops to the kitchen clean. A maid company can clean everything in the house and ensure that it is tidy for when you return, or they can focus their cleaning efforts on just a specific section or room of the property. If you want your property to remain clean and spotless, then your best bet is to hire a professional maid service.

2. Free Up Your Time- Perhaps the best thing about using a maid service is it can free up a lot of your time. You probably work often and you have a busy personal life too, which means you don’t have a lot of time to do your own cleaning or to do a good job, and this is exactly why you should hire a maid company. All you have to do is tell them how often you want them to clean your property and what rooms you want cleaned and things of that nature. All you have to do is go over the details with the maid service and then you will have more free time on your hands because you won’t have to do any cleaning.

3. They Have Experience- When it comes to cleaning your house, experience matters and the chances are you are not a professional made, which means you don’t have a lot of professional cleaning experience. The experience maids possess is one of the reasons why hiring them is worth it. A maid company that has plenty of experience means you can rest assure that your home will be thoroughly cleaned and they will know how to clean specific rooms and items (such as carpets and counter-tops) the right way.

4. Maids Have Quality Equipment- By now, you may still be wondering are maid services- worth it, and another reason why they are worth it is because of the equipment they use. They use quality equipment to clean your property, and they have the right tools to get your carpets clean, counter-tops spotless and so forth. When it comes to cleaning your home, it is important to use the right type of equipment and products, and as a professional, a maid company will have the proper equipment and products to do a great job.

5. Clean Residential And Commercial Properties- Maid services are worth it because they can often clean both residential and commercial properties, and of all sizes. If you have a large home and you don’t want to spend hours cleaning it on a regular basis, then hiring a professional maid is worth looking into. A professional can clean your entire property, regardless of how small or large it is, nor does it matter what type of property you own. It doesn’t matter if you own a condo, duplex, a modest size house or an apartment, you can count on a maid service to clean it.

Also, you might own commercial property, such as an office building or an entire building with many offices inside of it. If that’s the case, then hiring a professional maid is worth it because they will be able to clean your office or numerous offices in the building. As a business owner, you might not have time to clean the office every single day and you might not want your employees to do it because they could be doing something else productive, and this is why hiring a maid makes sense.

You might own a hotel or a motel, and if that’s the case, you can benefit from using a professional maid service. A maid company will be able to send you maids that can clean your motel and hotel’s rooms, and doing this may save you a bit of money. This is because you won’t have to hire maids and employ them, as you will be paying the company that provides you with maids, so if you own a hotel or a motel, then look into hiring a professional maid company.

6. They Are Flexible- Another reason to hire a maid company is because they are flexible. Many companies allow you to choose how often you want to use their service and they are flexible when it comes to what time of the day you want the maids to come to your property and clean it. It doesn’t matter if you want your place cleaned once daily, once per week, once per month or even a few times per year, you can rest assure that a professional maid company will accommodate your schedule.

7. Maid Services Are Affordable- The best thing about maid services is how affordable they are. Many people are surprised to learn how much these services cost, and when you consider how many benefits maid services offer, it’s easy to see you get a lot for your money. If you don’t want to clean your property and you don’t have the time to do it, then consider hiring an affordable maid service.

Are maid services- worth it? As you can see, there are many benefits and reasons why you should use a maid service. The answer to the question is yes, these services are worth it and if you have a home that needs to be cleaned or only a few rooms, then you should hire a maid service as soon as possible.

Aliona Ivankova healthy living solutions

AlionaIvankovaHello there, – I’d like to thank you first of all, – for stopping by, if you love healthy lifestyle, healthy foods, fitness, well-being, unusual medicine, – you are at the right place at the right time. My name is Aliona Ivankova, and I’m an author and a founder of health segment, – blog about all things healthy.

Since I was a child, my grandmother used to say, – Aliona, – you are what you eat. Respect your food, and in this you will respect your body, your present, and your future.

My grandmother passed away six years ago, – she was 101, – she was sane, smart, and active until her last days, – so we all saw her as a living testament to her own theories about healthy living, healthy eating, working out and fitness in general.

At one point it kind of became not right not to share information that she had, information that she shared with us. So I started this blog, – health segment.

I am a vegan myself, – even though I ate meat until I was 27. One day I just realized, that animal cruelty is something I cannot tolerate no more, and I do understand (and my grandmother always stated, – that meat is power, meat is health) – that meat is very important part of each and every persons diet.

Anyways, – so I started this blog, and I write about everything that keeps me going everyday, – I am a mother of three, I’ve been married for over 15 years now, – I’m sexually active, I’m a loving, caring human being.

If you want to feel like that, be like that at the age of 42, – follow my journey, – I bet you will learn many many things!